From Miss to Mrs. 

I’m a day late, but happy Thanksgiving to you all!  😊

The last time I shared a post, I was getting ready to get married to my boyfriend of nearly seven years. We said “I do” in beautiful Savannah, Georgia on October 29th surrounded by the people who mean the most to us. It’s hard to believe, after over a year of planning, it’s finally done and we’re a married couple. Those of you who are married, you know how quickly the day flies by; it’s crazy! Those of you who are planning to marry, please listen to everyone who tells you to slow down and enjoy every single moment. I did, and I’m forever grateful for those moments.

Randy and I planned for an outdoor evening wedding in Forsyth Park, in front of the Forsyth fountain. Seating began at 8:00 while Lana Del Ray’s Once Upon A Dream, John Legens’s All of Me, and Avila’s version of All Shook Up played in the background. Our setup was simple… white chairs with lit lanterns lining the aisle, and three tables placed off to the side; one for food, one for champagne, and one for our wedding cake. Another table was placed towards the front of our setup and had our guest-globe sitting on it along with some pictures of us and candles. We didn’t want a traditional guestbook or the familiar canvas for people to sign. Since we both love to travel, a chalkboard style globe with permanent chalk markers was the perfect choice for us. Candles were everywhere, the lanterns were illuminated throughout the park, and the fountain was, too. The majority of our wedding party walked down the aisle to Moon River, an instrumental version by David Davidson. We had two of the most adorable flower girls you’ve ever seen!… they used black trick-or-treat buckets and threw black, white, blush pink, gold, and silver heart shaped confetti, our wedding colors, all of which I personally hole punched. That process turned out to be a great stress reliever! My nephew’s carries our rings, they were so nervous but did a fantastic job! Finally, it was time for my girls… my sister, niece, my best friend, and my now sister-in-law… to walk down the aisle. It took me months to find the song I wanted to walk to, I went back and forth quite a bit, first choosing At Last by Cyndi Lauper, then Once Upon A Dream by Lana Del Ray, and several others, none of them felt 100% right. Finally, while listening to songs on my iPhone, I found THE song. It’s a song that sums things up perfectly, and it brought me to tears. That song is You and I (Ain’t Nobody in the World) by John Legend. Words can’t express how much I love this song. My girls walked first, I followed shortly after. I met my father halfway down the aisle, that was such a special moment for me. He walked with me the remainder of the way and, after lifting my veil and giving me a kiss, gave my hand to Randy while whispering to him “You’re a lucky man”, to which Randy replied, with a smile, “I know”. Our officiant was amazing, she was such a joy! She allowed me to write the entire ceremony, which was important to me, and added in a few pieces of her own to bring it all together perfectly. I’m going to have our vows printed and framed, and hang them in our bedroom. After we were pronounced husband and wife, we all exited to Let It Be Me by Rod Stewart and Jennifer Hudson. It was then that all the emotions hit me at once, we were married!… the wedding was done. We enjoyed the food, the champagne, and the cake afterwards. Several people made speeches; my father, sister, father-in-law, and Randy’s best man. Everything was absolute perfection, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. We enjoyed a night out on the town afterwards. Oktoberfest and Nightmare on Congress Street were taking place, everyone was dressed up and having a great time. People were stopping us for pictures and congratulating us all night. Our first stop was where it all began, where we first met, The Rail Pub. It was an evening to remember, one I’ll never forget. ❤️

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