JORD Wood Watches: the perfect accessory.  Enter to WIN!!!

I’m not one to wear a watch. I always have my phone with me and that’s what I use when I need to know the time. When I was contacted by JORD and offered a piece from their stunning collection in exchange for an honest review, I was hesitant. Would I wear it enough to be able to provide you all with a review? I wasn’t sure. But after taking a look at their website and spotting the stunner I later chose to receive, I knew I had to give it a try. I said yes.

Fast forward a week or so and that stunner was waiting for me on my doorstep. When I opened the box, I was blown away by the impeccable craftsmanship and utter beauty sitting before me. I was immediately happy with my decision to give this watch a try.  

There are many styles and color combinations to choose from when you visit JORD, but the Cora model with Purpleheart wood and opalescent Mother of Pearl face combo I chose is by far my favorite. Purpleheart is such a rarity, it practically glows, and the opalescent Mother of Pearl offers a striking contrast to the dark, rich wood. Add to the mix the lovely (and super sparkly!) Swarovski crystal markers and you have one heck of a statement piece around your wrist! This watch transitions nicely from season to season, too; a huge plus making it well worth the money.

Aside from how beautiful it is, it’s also practical (another plus!). There’s no battery to worry yourself with, it’s splash-proof, and easy to care for with a bit of lemon or orange oil. The sapphire crystal glass face holds up nicely to daily wear. I’ve been wearing it daily for over a month and there are zero scratches!  When you purchase a watch from JORD, they’ll size it for you before shipping it to you which is another nice perk, and their customer service team is a dream to work with. When I received mine and it was sized incorrectly (too big), they immediately offered to cover the cost of having it resized.

When you decide JORD is right for you, click HERE to enter to win a $75 voucher. This voucher may be used towards the purchase of any watch that strikes your fancy. All you need to enter is a first name and an email address; that’s it! The contest ends September 25th, so move quickly! Not the lucky winner? No worries, everyone who enters will automatically receive a $20 voucher to use towards any purchase, courtesy of JORD and yours truly. Enjoy!  😊

Mens Wooden Watches

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