Sheet Masks: Why I Love ‘Em

I believe everyone has that one beauty/skincare product they can’t go without; whether it be a great moisturizer, deep cleanser, skin brightening treatment, or acne treatment.  My favorite?… sheet masks.  I use one 2-3 times per week, whether I feel my skin needs it or not.  It’s my time to relax for 20-30 minutes while one of these cooling masks recharges my skin.  


Why do I love them?  My skin, without fail, is incredibly clear and radiant after use.  And the way it feels?!… perfectly smooth.  Nothing else leaves my skin this soft.  I’m left with glowing, dewy skin that looks like I just returned from a rejevenating facial… minus the redness I’ve experienced after having one of those done.

There are loads of different types of sheet masks to choose from; containing ingredients like pearl dust, milk, aloe, snail secretion, wine, or even placenta.  Yep, you read that correctly.  I’ve tried nearly all of them (I’m not sold on placenta; eugh!), and, while different, they all do practically the same thing.  Your skin will be left feeling and looking better than ever before.  

My skin is sensitive, leaning dry, and has occasional issues with dermatitis.  I’m careful about what I put on my skin because I have to be.  I’ve never experienced any irritation while using sheet masks.  

My favorite brand of sheet masks is Pure Smile.  I flippin’ love ’em!  And for only around $2.00 each, they can’t be beat.  As previously mentioned, I’ve tried just about every mask there is, and all but one that Pure Smile offers (cue placenta!).  Pictured below are some of my favorites.  


So, what do you have to do to achieve amazing results?  Start with a clean face, apply the sheet mask, and relax for 10-30 minutes.  Remove the mask, throw it away, and follow up with your usual routine, but be sure not to rinse the essence, left behind by the mask, away!  I squeeze the masks after use and apply any remaining essence to the rest of my body.  It works like a charm!  Some masks can leave your skin feeling sticky if too much essence is left behind.  When this happens, massage as much of it into your skin as possible, and gently pat away any remaining essence with a dry washcloth.  The sticky feel, if there is any, will vanish within a half hour or so.

You can purchase Pure Smile masks online from websites like Amazon and eBay.  Check with your local retailers first, they may have them available.  I’ve gotten lucky and live close by to an oriental marketplace that sells them.  

Once you’ve given these a try, or if you’ve already done so, let me know what you think of them.  Is there a particular brand or type of sheet mask you prefer?  Would you consider using the mask containing placenta?  I may give it a go.  I never thought I’d use one containing snail secretion, but alas!… it’s now one of my faves.  😊


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