Rocksbox: March, 2016 – Set 2

Hello all!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend and a wonderful Easter holiday, those of you who celebrate.  Randy and I enjoyed a nice, long weekend.  We got spring cleaning accomplished, my ‘office’ is set up, we enjoyed a lovely Easter dinner, and Randy took me to an oriental market called Mitsuwa!  They have an entire store dedicated to stationery; I just had to snag some beauties from Rifle Paper Company.  Aaaaaaand, they also have an amazing health and beauty section where they sell the sheet masks I adore!  A review of these must-haves will be coming to the blog soon.

Now, onto the details of my latest Rocksbox collection: I received some amazing pieces in this box that are perfect for spring, including two that were on my wish list.

•Kendra Scott: Danielle Earrings in Rose Quartz 


•Perry Street: Jolie Necklace


•Loren Hope: Mishelle Reverse Cuff

Being the huge fan of rose quartz that I am, I just had to keep the Kendra Scott earrings; they’re stunning. The best part? They were free with my reward money! *major happy dance*

New to Rocksbox?  For $19.00 per month you will receive unlimited designer jewelry delivered to your door.  Rocksbox allows you to keep the set for as long or as little as you like… days, weeks, months… you decide!  When you’re ready for a new collection, simply return your current one in the pre-paid envelope, and a new collection will be on its way to you within a few days.  When you receive a piece you can’t bear to send back (you will!), you can keep it by purchasing it for a discounted Rocksbox Insider price!  Rocksbox even credits $10.00 to your account every single month to use towards a purchase. How awesome is that?!

Want to give Rocksbox a try for FREE?!?!  Visit ROCKSBOX and enter my personal referral code, jenniferbff851, during signup to receive your first month at absolutely no cost.  If you’re not happy with the service, simply return the set before the end of your one month trial and cancel your subscription; you will not be charged.  And if you do love the service (you will!), keep the set for as long as you like until you’re ready for the next one.  Don’t forget to add pieces you love to your wish list!… Rocksbox is awesome about granting wishes.  And lastly, enjoy wearing your sets!  😊

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