Birchbox: March, 2016 – Featured Box

Hello and happy March to you all!  🍀

Does this box look familiar?  It should!  This is November’s box.  When you purchase the featured box during the month of March, you’ll receive a flashback box of sorts; they’ll send you a box that was already sent during previous months, filled with awesome samples you may or may not have received before.  My box did contain one repeat sample, but it’s a theBalm cosmetics sample, I’m not complaining.  😉  Here’s the lineup…

•theBalm cosmetics: FratBoy  –  This talc-free, finely ground blush and shadow formula gives skin a fresh radiance that makes you look, and feel, young.  LOVE!  

Davines: This Is A Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid  –  I’ve had great luck with hair care products lately; I’ve been impressed!  This one left my hair easier to comb and left my locks smooth and shiny. Win!

•AYRES: Body Polish -Pampas Sunrise  –  This body polish goes on smoothly and rinses off cleanly, leaving behind only soft, fantastic smelling skin.  The sample is rather small, so, I use it as a facial polish.  It’s gentle enough to use several times per week.

•Dr. Jart+: Water Replenishment Mask  –  This refreshing cotton sheet mask is loaded with a hydrating serum great for nourishing dry, parched skin.  I absolutely loved using it!… the result was soft, smooth, fresh skin with a beautiful glow.  I highly recommend it.

•LOC: One & Done Shadow Stick in On Point  –  From Birchbox’s new brand:  A creaseless, waterproof shadow with shades curated by YouTube beauty star Tati Westbrook.  The formula is smooth and lasts all day and night with no smudging!  I adore the golden hue.

My favorite product out of this lineup is definitely the sheet mask; I’ll be purchasing some of these miracle workers for future use.  Did you grab one of the featured boxes?  Which box did you receive?


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