Ipsy: February, 2016

My bag arrived a bit later than usual this month, and, since I prefer to have tested each product before creating a blog post about them, this post is being published later than usual, too.  The fact that this bag is my favorite out of all the bags I’ve received more than makes up for the delay!  It is adorable!!!  I’m using it as my makeup bag.  😊  And the products?… read on.

•Trust Fund Beauty: I’m Kind Of A Big Deal  –  This polish was made for me.  It’s super fun, girly, and pretty.  I love it for spring and summer, but I’ve already polished my nails with it (twice!) and absolutely adore it as a neutral pink.  The formula is smooth and dries rather quickly, and it lasts!  Five days on and no chips!… and I’m not even wearing a base or top coat.  It’s a 10!

•Naked Cosmetics, Mica Pigment: Sierra Nevada #5  –  The packaging could be better (be careful while opening!), but this color is gorgeous.  I’m a huge fan of nudes and neutrals, and this one is a home run.  It’s highly pigmented and there is zero fall-out.  It’s just stunning.

•Margaret Dabbs London: Miniature Crystal Nail File  –  I wasn’t very excited about receiving this when I saw it would be included in my bag, but let me tell you that this is an awesome nail file!  It’s perfect for keeping tucked away in my handbag, and it does an amazing job of filing nails to a smooth shape.  Love!

•Smashbox Cosmetics: Photo Finish Primer Oil  –  Another product I was particularly excited about, as I rarely use primers.  However, this primer is unlike any primer I’ve used before.  The oil absorbs quickly and leaves behind a super smooth, soft surface.  It moisturizes incredibly well and has become a new fave of mine.  I’ll purchase this in the future.  A+!

•VINTAGE by Jessica Liebeskind: Sparkling Lipgloss in Pink Sequin  –  This is such a pretty gloss!  I usually don’t wear anything other than lip balm on my lips, but this gloss is too lovely not to wear.  The pink is perfect for my skin tone and hair and eye color.  It doesn’t stay put for very long, but it’s gorgeous while it lasts, and isn’t overly sticky like most glosses can be.

My favorite product out of this bag???  I can’t decide.  It’s hard to choose between the nail polish, nail file, and primer.  I think this is the first bag I’ve received where I’ve actually used every product everyday since I received it.  That has to count for something!  What were your fave products this month?

New to Ipsy?  Click HERE to get started for only $10.00 per month!  You’ll receive a cute bag every month that’s full of great, picked-for-you samples.  Be sure to complete the beauty quiz so that they’ll know what type of products you prefer.  😊


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