Rocksbox: February, 2016

My latest Rocksbox collection is perfect for Valentine’s Day.  I received two pieces that were on my wish list, and I absolutely love them.  Let’s get right to it, shall we?

•Perry Street: Flora Crystal Necklace

•Kendra Scott: Sadie Spear Earrings

•Wanderlust + Co: Alphabet Heart Ring


I wasn’t expecting to love the necklace as much as I do.  I had a hard time choosing only one photo to post on my Instagram account (Jennifer.Leigh.G) because it sparkles beautifully in every single photo.  I’ll post a few of them below.

New to Rocksbox?  $19.00 per month gets a collection of designer jewelry delivered to your door.  You can keep the collection for as long or as little as you like; a few days, weeks, months… it’s up to you.  When you’re ready for a new collection, send the current one back to Rocksbox in the prepaid envelope included in your box, and a new one will be shipped to you within a few days.  Receive a piece you can’t bear to send back (you will!)???  Keep it!  As a Shine Insider, you get to keep the pieces you love for a discounted price.  

Receive a month of designer jewelry for FREE by visiting Rocksbox and entering my personal referral code, jenniferbff851, during signup.  There is zero obligation to stay subscribed after receiving your first month of complimentary designer jewelry.  You have nothing to lose!  After the first month, you’ll be billed $19.00, if you choose to stay subscribed.  Be sure to add pieces you love to your wish list!… Rocksbox is amazing when it comes to granting wishes.  And lastly, enjoy!!!  😊


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