Winter Beauty Essentials: My Top Five

Ahhhh, winter… it’s a beautiful, fun, and tasty time of year here in Chicago.  The snow, the lights, sledding and ice skating, building snowmen and making snow angels, snowball fights, drinking hot apple cider and hot chocolate, and making delicious soups and hearty meals.  I love it all.  But there is one big disadvantage; the dry, frigid air takes a major toll on delicate, sensitive skin.  And my already dry-prone skin pretty much peels away in layers.  Eugh.  So, what’s a person to do?  Aside from upping your water intake to stay hydrated and purchasing a humidifier, both of which I highly recommend and are essentials for me, there are some wonderful products you can use to help soothe winter troubles.  

1.)  Shea Nut Oil  –  I was browsing our local health food store for body oils and came across NOW’s Shea Nut Oil.  I was looking for almond oil and grape seed oil, both of which have helped moisturize my skin in the past, but the shea nut oil looked particularly rich.  So, I did my research.  NOW Solutions Pure Shea Nut Oil is an expeller-pressed, fractionated oil obtained from the seeds of African Karite trees.  Rich in oleic and stearic essential fatty acids, Shea Nut Oil is a superior personal care oil that’s ideal for nourishing and moisturizing your hair, scalp, and skin.  This luxurious oil absorbs quickly, so you’ll enjoy youthful, radiant skin and healthy, lustrous hair without any greasy residue.  It’s perfect for skin, scalp, or hair in need of intense natural moisturization as well as protection against harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  My skin was left perfectly moisturized and smooth, and my hair is super shiny and bouncy.  It’s a must-have!

2.)  D.I.Y. Coconut Honey Sugar Scrub  –  Making my own sugar scrubs is one of my favorite things to do.  My favorite is my Coconut Honey Sugar Scrub.  I created a post specifically for this recipe, you can see it by clicking HERE.  There’s loads of information there, be sure to check it out!  I’ll skip all of the details and get right to the recipe…

1.) Pour sugar into a cup; I use more sugar than usual if I’m experiencing extra dry, flaky skin.

2.) In a separate bowl or cup, combine room temperature coconut oil and honey, and mix well. If the coconut oil is solidified, place a scoop into the container with the honey and mix with your hand, the warmth will melt the oil. Yes, it will be sticky, but you’re going to be getting this stuff all over yourself in a few minutes anyway, so it’s no biggie. I don’t recommend heating the oil any other way.

3.) Bring the ingredients into the bathroom with you, but do not get them near the water just yet. Get naked, get in your shower, and cleanse your body, wash your hair, shave, etc. Applying the scrub needs to be the last thing you do. When you’re ready, pour the sugar into the mixture of honey and coconut oil, and mix well. Apply the scrub while your skin is still wet, and rub in slow, circular motions. I use this treatment all over my body and face, even on my lips.

4.) You can rinse immediately if you like, you’ll feel and see a difference, but to get the best results, I prefer to have a seat in the tub, and allow the scrub to stay on my skin for 10-20 minutes. Make sure there’s no standing water in your tub when you sit! Take care not to fall when you stand up; the coconut oil is going to make things a bit slippery. When you’re ready, rinse well with cool water, and pat your skin dry with a towel or allow it to air-dry. The coconut oil will leave behind a thin layer on your skin, and it’ll stay put for a good 8 hours, leaving your skin with a beautiful, natural glow.

5.) There’s no need to apply a moisturizer after using this scrub, unless you have particularly dry skin. In that case, a thin layer of coconut oil will do the trick, but be careful to not overdo it! Too much of this stuff and you’ll have a greasy mess left behind on your clothes, furniture, car interior… you get the picture.

3.)  Lather, Honey Moisture Mask with Propolis Extract  –  I received this in one of my monthly subscriptions, I absolutely love it!  This super-hydrating mask to relieves stressed skin that has been over-exposed to environmental pollutants and nature’s harsh elements.  Specially blended with propolis extract, natural honey, nourishing minerals and vitamins, this mask revitalizes the skin’s texture with deep-penetrating nutrients.  I use it weekly and notice immediate results.

4.)  NOW Solutions Completely Kissable Lip Balm  –  I am a total lip balm junkie.  NOW makes some of the best balms I’ve ever used, and I’ve used a LOT.  Vanilla, pomegranate, and peppermint are all wonderful, but vanilla has to be my fave.  These balms are certified organic, and gluten-free.  They moisturize deeply and soothe irritated skin.  I keep one in my bathroom, bedroom, living room, handbag, car, and makeup bag.  And there are backups under my bathroom counter.  

5.)  JUARA, Coconut Illipe Hand & Nail Balm  –  This fast-absorbing, long-lasting moisturizing balm hydrates, firms, and plumps hands while improving nails and cuticles.  The scent is heavenly.  If I close my eyes while applying this balm I feel like I’m back home on the beach.  I notice immediate results when I use this balm; it leaves a perfect layer behind to protect against harsh winter weather, and it deeply moisturizes my skin.  Love it!

As with any new-to-you product, please do a small patch test before trying these.  If you’re allergic to bees, you’ll want to be especially careful.  These products work for me, but it’s all about finding what works best with your skin.  Do your research!

What are your top winter beauty essentials?  Sound off in the comments!  😊


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