Behind The Blog featuring Jennifer Leigh G…

I’m honored the lovely and talented Ms. Karen Rees of Confetti and Curves has featured Jennifer Leigh G. on her website.  Partaking in this interview was such a fun time, and I’m grateful Karen forwarded me the opportunity.  The link to the interview can be found below.  Karen maintains a fabulous site, so be sure to take a look around while you’re there and show her some love!

On another note, I’ve got another drugstore beauty haul to share with you all. Keep your eyes peeled; it’ll be published soon.  I’m in the process of getting the next giveaway together, too! Details to come. 😉

Have a wonderful evening, all!


Jennifer Leigh G

Hey Beauty Buddies

What an exciting start to the week it’s been, firstly a big thanks to all who left such fabulous feedback on yesterdays post The Me Spree: Boxing Day Beauty Bargains – if you haven’t already checked it out then I’m sure you’ve figured out that I’ve managed to brave the seasonal sales for a few nifty little bargains… which I’m hoping are every bit as impressive as their price tag! In other news…. yesterday the Confetti & Curves YouTube channel hit a whopping 500 subscribers!!!! *cheers of joy* Okay, so it may be a drop in the ocean compared to others but for me it’s a maaahooosive achievement. Of course a great big thank you to y’all for subscribing, hitting the ‘thumbs up’ and of course taking the time to watch my uploads. You’re a truly awesome bunch 😀

Talking of awesome, I’ve a hugely talented gal gracing the…

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