Drugstore Finds – Walgreens Haul

Good afternoon, friends!  I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and were able to enjoy it with those whom you love.  ❤️

Randy and I had a great time.  We were able to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with his parents.  It’s hard to be away from my own parents, I miss them dearly, but we had a wonderful time with his, and great food, and awesome gifts!  After Christmas dinner, Randy and I returned home to play Mario Kart (LOVE that game!), have some whiskey, and enjoy one another’s company.  By 11:00, we were hungry again and I had a craving for ice cream, even with it being a chilly 30 degrees outside.  So what does Randy do?  Drive me around to every store we could think of to see if they were open, in search of ice cream.  Normally I refuse to shop on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, just as I do on any holiday when I feel people shouldn’t be working and should be home with their families and friends.  But I realize some people need to work and welcome it as an opportunity to make extra money, some people don’t have their families nearby and would rather work than be at home by themselves, others simply don’t celebrate the holidays I celebrate and it’s not a big deal to them.  And so, I’ve come to appreciate these people, very much, and I go out of my way to be extra friendly to them.  I want them to know I appreciate and value their time.  After driving around for well over 30 minutes, we found a Walgreens open.  A spunky lady was working, by herself, and she was awesome.  The store would be closing in 15 minutes, so I told her I’d be extra fast because I know she wants to get out of there and go home.  Her response?… she’d rather be working, because her family lives in Nebraska, and there is no one at home waiting for her to arrive.  It made me a bit sad, but she quickly changed that when she told me she offered to work in place of others who do have families here, and that she would be getting a week off, next week, to travel home and visit with her family.  After talking about our families for a couple of minutes, I carried on to get what I went there for.  But on my way to the frozen food section, is the cosmetics section.  *sigh*  

Damn Walgreens and their amazing sales!  All Wet n’ Wild cosmetics were on sale, and they still had some awesome goodies.  We’re talking up to 80% off Wet n’ Wild’s already low prices!  I grabbed what I could, as quickly as I could, and below is what came home with me.

•Comfort Zone Eyeshadow Palette•  –  This palette is my favorite out of this haul.  I love green and brown shadows, and I especially love the variety this palette offers.  One shade that stands out in particular is the one located in the bottom right of the palette, shown bottom left on my arm.  It’s a beautiful brown/green shifter!  I’ll get plenty of use out of this beauty.  



•Petal Pusher Eyeshadow Palette•  –  I wasn’t as impressed with Petal Pusher as I was with Comfort Zone, but the colors are pretty nonetheless, and make a nice addition to my collection.


•Art in the Streets Eyeshadow Palette•  –  This one is SO much fun!  I love the bright, funky colors, and I can hardly wait to create some cool looks for the new year and spring!  
  All of the eyeshadows have great color payoff and minimum fall out.  They’re pretty vibrant, too.  I didn’t have to layer these to achieve the results pictured here.  The best part?  I snagged Comfort Zone and Petal Pusher for only $2.19 each, and Art in the Streets for only $1.59!  

– – –

•Cherry Bomb, Ravin’ Raisin, and Sugar Plum Fairy Lipsticks•  –  These lipsticks are highly pigmented, which is great!  I’ve been wanting to find deeper shades to wear during winter, and these are perfect.  They can be a tad drying, but layering them over a bit of lip balm takes care of that.  These were on sale for 3 for $2.00!!!

Pictured left to right:  Cherry Bomb, Ravin’ Raisin, and Sugar Plum Fairy.

Cherry Bomb is especially gorgeous; after wiping it off you’re left with a lovely stain on your lips.

There you have it!  For around $6.00 I was able to get three eyeshadow palettes and 3 lipsticks!  Walgreens, here in Chicago, will be having the sale until Wednesday.  Hurry and grab some goodies while you can!  


2 thoughts on “Drugstore Finds – Walgreens Haul

  1. stashmatters says:

    Aww that’s a sweet story about the spunky lady at Walgreens! I guess it’s like you said, people work on the days that others don’t want to but it works out for everyone. 🙂
    And everyone in the world should own Wet n Wild Comfort Zone – it’s just so amazing and SO inexpensive! But I’m floored you got 3 eye shadow palettes and 3 lipsticks for $6!!! That’s insane.
    But the big question remains – what flavour ice cream did you end up getting?!


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