BOXYCHARM – December, 2015

Merry Christmas to all of you!  🎄

I took a break from BOXYCHARM for a bit because I wasn’t feeling excited about the products I saw everyone receiving.  But December promised SIX full size products, all for only $21.00, so I had to go for it and re-subscribe.  This month’s theme is Pop, Fizz, Clink!, and it’s an awesome one!

Left to right: Bellapierre, Waterproof Gel Lip Liner, Cinnamon. OFRA, Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick, Americano. Jelly Pong Pong, All Over Glow Highlighter.

•TATCHA, PETAL FRESH ORIGINAL ABURATORIGAMI, $12.00•  Soft, absorbent leaflets made of 100% natural abaca leaf and gold flake to absorb excess oil, without disturbing makeup, for petal fresh skin.  

HOW TO:  Simply pat the leaflet wherever there is excess oil, and discard after use.  These leaflets are biodegradable.

MY THOUGHTS:  Although my skin tends to stay on the dry side, and excess oil doesn’t tend to be a problem for me, I still get the occasional oily nose that these will be perfect for.  Bonus!… I love the packaging.

•JELLY PONG PONG, ALL OVER GLOW, $15.95•  An oil-free lightweight luminizing gel, enriched with micronized pearlescent pigments and jasmine extract to highlight the face for a fresh, radiant complexion.

HOW TO:  Dab onto cheekbones, brow bones, or anywhere else you’d like a highlight, and blend with a brush or fingers.

MY THOUGHTS:  ‘Oh, great… another highlighter’ is what my first thought was when I saw this.  But after giving it a try, I’m hooked.  This highlighter gives skin a lovely, natural glow, and I love the way it smells.  The formula is great, it blends easily.  Overall, this is a great highlighter.  

•NCLA, SO RICH CUTICLE OIL, $18.00•  Revitalizes and hydrates your cuticles and nails.  The Vitamin E extract paired with sunflower seed oil nourishes your nails and locks in moisture.  Its gentle rubber-grip dropper allows for perfect dosage and application every time.

HOW TO:  Squeeze cuticle oil into dropper for enough oil to apply on one hand.  Gently apply and massage drops into cuticles two times per day to nourish and soften the cuticles for easy removal.

MY THOUGHTS:  I don’t generally use cuticle oils, but I’m happy to have received this one.  It’s super hydrating and absorbs nicely into my cuticles.  A+!

•NELSON J., ARGAN OIL 7 MOISTURE HEALING MASK, $23.00•  Unique 100% Argan Oil derived moisturizing treatment provides long lasting and the most effective result for color-treated, dry, or damaged hair.  

HOW TO:  Apply Moisture Healing Mask once a week to towel-dried hair.  Leave in hair for 1 minute, rinse, and style as desired.  For a deeper repair, leave mask in hair for up to 5 minutes, or heat under a blow dryer.

MY THOUGHTS:  I’m in love with this mask.  I don’t get too excited about hair care products, because most don’t do what they claim they’ll do, but this one is perfection.  My hair is long, thick, coarse, and dry.  This mask minimized frizz, detangled, and moisturized my hair perfectly.  And the scent!!!… coconut!… one of my favorites!  

•OFRA, LONG LASTING LIQUID LIPSTICK, $19.90•  OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick is a one step full lip color that does not feather.  It is creamy and soft in texture, moisturizing the lips and creating a long lasting lipstick effect.  

HOW TO:  Sweep color onto lips using the doe-foot applicator, and blend.

MY THOUGHTS:  I’m a big fan of OFRA.  The quality of their products is wonderful.  This liquid lipstick applies smoothly and, they’re right!, doesn’t feather.  I received the shade Americano, a shade unlike anything else I own, and I’m very happy with it.  Bonus!… this product contains antioxidants and Vitamin E. 

•BELLAPIERRE, WATERPROOF GEL LIP LINER, $17.99•  This waterproof lip pencil can be used to prep the lips for lipstick, or on its own for all-over lip color.

HOW TO:  With your lips relaxed and slightly parted, line your lips following their natural shape.  To help your lipstick last longer, use the side of the lip pencil to fill in your lips with color before applying.

MY THOUGHTS:  I rarely line my lips because I prefer a more natural look.  But I’m loving this lip pencil!  The shade I received, Cinnamon, is beautiful and I like wearing it alone, as an all-over color.  It stays put throughout the day, and it doesn’t feel tight or sticky.

You can still grab this box, valued at $106.84, for only $21.00 by visiting BOXYCHARM.  Enjoy!  😊


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