Boxycharm – September, 2015

After a mix up with my new mailing address, and a delay in shipping, I have finally received September’s Boxycharm.  It was worth the wait.  This month’s theme is ‘Runway Ready’, and it includes over $129.00 worth of awesome goodies, and it only cost me $21.00.  That makes me happy!  😊

Here’s the lowdown on what I received…

Previse Skincare, HydroMilk Hydrating Lotion – $48  /  I couldn’t wait to try this lotion, especially because it’s made with sensitive skin in mind, so I ran to the restroom, washed my face as usual, and applied the lotion as the last step in my skincare routine.  To sum it up in short, it… is… FABULOUS!  I absolutely love the formula; it’s lightweight, smooth, and hydrating.  My skin feels incredibly soft, and it left me with a soft glow.  The best part?  Zero irritation!  I foresee myself purchasing this in the future.  I’m so happy Boxycharm gives us full size products!  

Vasanti, Professional Foundation Brush – $32  / Who doesn’t like receiving makeup brushes?!  I certainly don’t mind it.  Vasanti Cosmetics is quickly becoming a favorite brand of mine; their quality is superb.  This brush is great, has a good weight to it, and applies foundation evenly.

tarte, skinny smolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner, in Golden Tiger’s Eye – $19  /  I received a bronze eyeliner in my last Ipsy bag, so when I saw the name of the color of this one, I wasn’t so excited about it.  That changed when I open the lid and saw how gorgeous the shade is.  It leans more plum-bronze, to me anyways. It looks amazing with my skin tone and eye color; I love it!  Application is smooth, no tugging or skipping, and it DOES last a long while, all day and into the night.  The sponge on the opposite end of the liner is a nice touch, perfect for smudging the liner and creating a smoky eye.  I’m a fan!

Chella, Eyebrow Defining Gel – $18  /  I love Chella!  They make a great, high quality product.  That being said, I won’t get much use out of this particular product; I try not to mess around with my eyebrows too much.  At least it’s a clear gel, that makes it more usable for me.  

SCRATCH Nail Wraps – $12  /  I’ve yet to use these, but they’re beautiful, and I’m looking forward to giving them a try.  I haven’t heard good things about the longevity of the wraps, so we’ll have to see how that goes. It’ll be a while before I’m able to use them; I removed my acrylics a few days ago, and my nails need time to recoup before trying anything like this.

Kardashian Beauty, Black Seed Dry Oil – BONUS /  If you’re at all like me, you maybe rolled your eyes a little when you saw you’d be receiving a product from the Kardashian ladies.  I’m not a hater!… just not much of a fan.  Anyways, this stuff is awesome.  I applied a tiny bit to my ends, and it made them feel so smooth that I just had to apply a tad more to the rest of my hair.  My hair feels silky smooth, and it has a great shine to it.  Added bonus!!!… the scent!  I love the way it smells.  This product definitely (pleasantly!) surprised me.

There we have it!  I’m super happy with everything I received.  And for only $21.00 per month, you can’t not like it!  Everything included in the boxes are full size, except for any bonus goodies.  Ready to give it a try?  Click HERE to learn more and sign up; you’ll truly be happy when you do.  


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