Birchbox – September, 2015

I am in love with September’s Birchbox.  The box itself is so pretty, and I adore the message printed in gold on the lid.  I wasn’t sure about Birchbox when I first subscribed; I had heard a lot of not-so-great things about the company.  I’m happy to say I’ve been rather impressed with the goodies I’ve received, especially considering it’s only $10.00 per month.  Here’s a look at the products that were included in my September box…


Malin + Goetz, Grapefruit Face Cleanser  –  I used this cleanser last night and was impressed with how smooth my skin felt after rinsing it off.  It did a great job, and it smells wonderful!  I have sensitive skin, and this caused no irritation.  WIN!

Malin + Goetz, Vitamin E Face Moisturizer  –  Again, I was impressed.  My skin was left soft, glowing, and smelling great.  The formula is on the thin side, but it still provided great moisture for my dry skin.  Another WIN!

Davines, LOVE Smoothing Shampoo  –  I haven’t used this or the conditioner, yet.  I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.  I received Davines shampoo and conditioner in a previous Birchbox and loved the results, and this formula seems to be even more suitable for my dry, thick hair.  I’m looking forward to using it and the conditioner.  

Davines, LOVE Smoothing Conditioner  –  See above.

English Laundry, Eau de Parfum Signature for Her  –  This stuff smells so good!  It’s light, sweet, and a tad bit fruity.  It’s perfect for me, and I think I’ll end up purchasing a full size bottle.

Juice Beauty, Green Apple Peel, for sensitive skin  –  I plan to use this tonight.  It has a great scent, and I’ve heard many positive things about it.  A great friend of mine uses Juice Beauty products daily and she swears by this peel.  Considering I have sensitive skin and this peel is made for that, I’m excited to try it.  I’ll give you all an update on Instagram and let you know if I like it.

POP Beauty, Portfolio Eyeshadow, Sugar Plum  –  I was so excited to see this trio in my box!  I absolutely love plum shades, they’re beautiful and they really make my eyes pop.  I’ve used POP Beauty’s eyeshadow before and I like the formula; it blends easily and offers long lasting color.  I’ll definitely be putting these to good use.  

Overall, this box is great, and I’m very happy with everything I received.  What was your favorite thing in your September box?

New to Birchbox?  You can subscribe for only $10.00 per month and receive 50 bonus points, to use towards a purchase, by clicking HERE!  Subscribe before October 9th to receive your first box for only $5.00!!!  How awesome is that?!  You’re welcome!  😊

Happy Saturday, my friends!


14 thoughts on “Birchbox – September, 2015

    • Jennifer Leigh G. says:

      It really is a lovely color combo, Jen. I think you’ll like it! My box was supposed to arrive Monday, but it seems since I moved to Chicago from Savannah, Georgia, my packages are arriving more quickly. Ipsy arrived yesterday, and it was scheduled for Tuesday. I’m sure you’ll be receiving your box, soon!

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      • Jennifer Leigh G. says:

        😂 Yes! However, Boxycharm’s system goofed and didn’t accept my new shipping address, even after customer service emailed me to confirm they changed it for me and I was good to go, and now that box is on its way to Georgia. *sigh* I emailed them again Friday night, as soon as I received the email, so hopefully they’ll be able to catch the box before it departs the facility. I certainly hope so, because that’s my favorite subscription box, and it has some awesome goodies in there for September!
        Chicago is okay, this is round two for me. Randy, my fiancé, is from here and wanted to move back. I loved here the first two and a half years we were together, then he moved to Savannah to be with me there for the past three years. I’m hoping to get back down South within the next two or three years. I already miss it, so much!


      • Jen says:

        Oh no! I’m sorry to hear about the mix up, I am curious though in what this months Boxycharm has since I canceled my box after the Aug. Btw that’s kind of neat that you two move back and forth every few years to each others stomping grounds. 🙂

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      • Jennifer Leigh G. says:

        The box looks pretty good. I know there’s a foundation brush, some nail stick-ons, a facial moisturizer, some eyebrow gel, and an eyeliner. Oh, and something from the Kardashian ladies. When (if) I receive my box, I’ll be creating a post. 😉

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      • Jennifer Leigh G. says:

        I received another email from Boxycharm, and they said they’re sending another box for me, as their system glitched again and my original is indeed headed to Savannah. The sucky part is that box will be wasted. I lived in an apartment and we had a lock box there, no one is in my apartment just yet… so it’ll just be sitting there. But I’m happy a they’re sending another one to me!

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