Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream; Keeper or Pass?


Why should you try Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream?  Because it’s the bomb; okay?!   Seriously, Supergoop! has gained a loyal customer with the creation of this fabulous product; it’s definitely a Keeper.  BB, CC, and even DD (yes, really) are nothing too new to most of us, and this particular cream has been on the market for nearly a couple of years, but I was just introduced to it by one of my latest Birchboxes, and I love Birchbox for it.  

I have occasional dry, sensitive skin.  I’ve tried many, many different foundations by many, many different companies; from high end (think Chanel) to drugstore finds.  I’ve tried tinted moisturizers, mixing my favorite moisturizer with some of my favorite foundations, and so on and so forth.  I finally gave up on traditional liquid foundation because all of it seemed to accentuate my dry skin, even when I was freshly exfoliated, and I found my match in Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear loose powder foundation.  I know that may seem strange, I was always told to avoid powder and stick with liquid formulas if dry skin was an issue, but it really has made a positive difference in the appearance of my skin, and I’ve been a loyal user for years.  

Fast forward to a couple of months ago, I received a sample of Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream in one of my Birchboxes.  I wasn’t looking for a CC cream, or any other type of foundation for that matter, but my fiancé and I had a beach trip planned, and I figured it’d be a good time to give something new a try, especially considering the SPF factor.  I wasn’t expecting much, certainly not to discover a new must-have!  But that’s exactly what happened.  Below are the reasons why.

Coverage is perfect for me.  I prefer light coverage that can be layered to achieve medium coverage, when needed.  I can do that with this cream, and it doesn’t appear caked on.  One light layer is all I need most of the time, it alone helps me achieve a clean, fresh faced appearance, and diminishes any mild redness I may be experiencing.  For the days when I need more coverage, I allow the first application to set for a minute or so, then apply another.  It seems no matter how many layers I apply, my skin never looks like I’m wearing a mask, and I’m left with beautiful, even coverage.  No need for concealer!  

Hydration is extremely important to me, given my skin type, and this cream delivers it.  With essential fatty acids Omega -3 & Omega-6, added to help neutralize discolorations and blotchiness, and minimize inflammation, and brightening apple extract and light-reflecting mica minerals, added to deliver instant luminosity and skin clarity, a velvety smooth, dewy finish is accomplished.  On days when I don’t want a dewy look, I apply a light dusting of Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear, or Color City’s HD Powder.

Lightweight formulas are my faves.  As mentioned earlier, no matter how many layers I use of this cream, it never looks caked on.  The same can be said for the way it feels, too.  My skin feels light, fresh, and hydrated after application.  I’m from Savannah, Georgia, where makeup can feel like a layer of crud sitting on your face within a matter of minutes after being exposed to the high temps and humidity.  Your face can feel like it’s melting!  I don’t have that sensation with this formula.  It stays put, and it never feels heavy.  Win!!!

SPF is a MUST for me, too.  This stuff targets signs of aging with potent antioxidants, and offers triple protection from UVA, UVB and IRA rays.  Unlike your typical sunscreen products, it’s made with 100% mineral active ingredients, which is ideal for sensitive skin types.  Most products that contain SPF can leave a greasy residue behind, but you’ll not have an issue with that when you use this cream.  Another win!!!

Fragrance free formulas are wonderful for anyone, but especially for those who suffer from allergies, and I know quite a few people who do.  This cream is 100% fragrance free, I love that!  It’s great to be able to share a product with my friends who are highly sensitive to fragrances.  Way to go, Supergoop!

Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream is available in three self-adjusting shades; Fair to Light (SPF 40), Light to Medium (SPF 35), and Medium to Dark (SPF 35).  While there are only three shades available, I’ve seen a wide array of complexions achieve beautiful results, from the darkest to the lightest.  If you’re not sure which shade is best for you, I recommend contacting Supergoop! directly and requesting a sample.  I received Light to Medium in my Birchbox, and while I normally opt for the lightest shade available, this one is perfect for me and it’s the one I chose for my full size order.  

You can purchase the Daily Correct CC Cream for $32.00 (1.6 fl oz bottle) directly from Supergoop!’s website by clicking HERE.  Birchbox also offers it on their website, and you can use your points!  I was able to snag a full size bottle for completely free by using my points.  How awesome is that?!  

Not a Birchbox subscriber?  Don’t fret!  You can join for only $10.00 per month.  You’ll receive a themed box every month containing five (or more!) samples that are tailored to your individual likes and needs.  You receive points for signing up when you use my personal referral link, click HERE, and for each review you submit, box you receive, purchase you make, and friend you refer.  

Will you give Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream a try?  Have you already tried it?  If so, what are your thoughts?  Sound off in the comments below!  😊


3 thoughts on “Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream; Keeper or Pass?

  1. Jennifer Leigh G. says:

    You have to, Jen! I think you’ll love it, you won’t be disappointed. Oh, I forgot to mention it’s also fragrance free, another detail I love about it. I haven’t tried many other products from their line, other than the hand cream, and the serum is something I’m interested in. I’ll definitely give it a try.


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