How to increase your Instagram Followers

This is such an honor! Diana from recently asked if I minded answering a few questions regarding Instagram and how to gain more followers, and she created a blog post about it all. Thank you so much, Diana!!! 😊


Getting Instagram followers is hard, I should know. I actually made an Instagram for my blog 3 times, and deleted it twice. The last time I deleted my Instagram, I decided to connect my blog with my personal instagram, but I felt like I was spamming my friends so I ended up creating my Instagram 15 weeks ago and have 99 followers. So, what’s the key to getting Instagram followers? I decided to ask Jennifer from what her secret was. Jennifer has 10K+ followers on Instagram. 

> Check her out on IG here

The Interview


1) What is your blog about and why did you start it?

I think nearly every blogger has that moment where they ask themselves if they should really start a blog and put themselves out there ; I certainly did, and I’m really happy I made that decision. My blog is a place where…

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