Shopkick – For all of my savvy shoppers, you need this app!


I like to shop.  Actually, I love to shop.  But we all do, right?!  I really, really love to shop online.  Online shopping is my preference because I don’t like getting to a store only to find what I went there for is sold out.  And there’s just something about getting packages in the mail… *sigh*  😍

The only thing better than shopping, is shopping that earns you rewards!  That’s where Shopkick steps in.  Shopkick is an app that you can download and use for free, completely free… none of those in-app purchases to worry about.  It’s super easy to use, and you’ll use it nearly every single day.  You’ll earn points just for walking into a store, and not just department stores, but stores like Wal*Mart, Target, Publix, Kroger, Meijer, K-Mart, Starbucks, and the list goes on and on.  Download the app, create an account, and start earning points instantly!  You’ll find hidden points within the app just by simply viewing catalogs.  You’ll even get bonus points for using the referral link I’ll provide at the end of this post.  The points can be used to receive free gift cards.  Yes, FREE gift cards.  There are loads of gift cards to choose from, and they include everything from Starbucks to Target, Coach to Tiffany & Co., movie tickets to cruises!  Yeah… a freakin’ cruise.  I have my sights set on the $300.00 Coach gift card.  👛

So here’s how it looks when you open the app for the first time…

image image image image image

Once you create an account (I use my personal Facebook account), you’ll see something similar to the following, but it will vary by your location, as it uses GPS to determine which stores are closest to you.  This is all located under the ‘Stores’ tab at the bottom of your screen.  You’ll notice there are kicks (or points) you receive just for walking in, and there also kicks you can receive for scanning specific items inside the store.  This is easy to do, and actually pretty entertaining.  Simply tap on the store, then you’ll see a list of multiple items you can scan and what the scan is worth, scan the item with your phone, and that’s it.  It’s like a scavenger hunt that you get paid to do!


The first tab located at the bottom of your screen will read ‘Products’ and this is where you can search for a specific brand, store, category, etc.  This is where your catalogs are located, and 95% of your catalogs contain surprise envelopes at the end that give you anywhere between one to five points just for browsing the catalogs and tapping on the envelope.  New catalogs are made available daily.  They look like this…


Tapping on a catalog will display numerous items relating to that catalog, and then you’ll see your surprise envelopes.  Tap the envelope and voila!… you have your reward.


In addition to Shopkick giving you kicks for walking into stores and scanning items, you’ll also earn kicks for making purchases if you choose to add your credit or debit card to your account.  This is 100% optional and something I just recently decided to do once I knew the app could be trusted.

Do you enjoy a great deal and love couponing?  Of course you do!  Do you enjoy carrying all of those coupons around with you?  Of course you don’t.  Shopkick offers in-app coupons!  It will also notify you of any active sales in your area.  Did you know Bath and Body Works is having another 40% off everything sale?  I didn’t, not until Shopkick notified me.  Here’s what that section of the app looks like, and it’s located under the ‘Deals’ tab…


Now for my favorite part.  There’s a wish list built into the app!  Mine is filling up fast.  When you see an item you like, click on the heart.  You can choose to make it something you want for yourself, your family/friends, or your home.  Pretty cool, right?!  Here are some of the items that made it to my wish list…


Finally, here are just a handful of the awesome stores you can earn free gift cards for, and yes, there’s even one for Sephora!  💄💅


How do you get started?  

Get to your phones and follow this link…

That’s it!  You’ll be earning kicks in only a few minutes.  And remember, you’ll receive bonus points to help get you started just by using my personal referral link, and you’ll receive 2,000 kicks for every three people you refer.  I hope you love this app as much as I do.  Enjoy!!!  😊


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