Polish File; featuring Llarowe, Urban Lacquer & Julep

imageI wanted to try something new tonight, so I reached for a beauty called Little Red Corvette, by Colors by Llarowe.  When I first started really getting into nail polish, Llarowe was the online supplier I counted on to help me get my hands on some real gems, and I still do.  They recently began creating their own polishes and I was super excited to give them a try.  This brings us to Little Red Corvette, a red/pink holo (a strong one!).  I used one coat and got more of a pink tone.  The formula is fantastic, really one of the best I’ve used.  Application was smooth and the polish dried quickly… big pluses for me.  You can find Colors by Llarowe polishes and many more by visiting llarowe.com.

imageI really wanted to top this polish with something full of sparkle, something gorgeous, a real glitter bomb.  My absolute favorite polish, a polish that meets all those requirements is The Wife, by Urban Lacquer.  I can’t say enough positive things about this beauty; it’s just perfect.  It is packed with all sizes, shapes, finishes and colors of glitter.  It was released as part of a Valentine’s Day trio a few years ago, which included The Husband and The Wife, two more beautiful polishes.  I loved The Mistress so much that I purchased multiples, and I’m so happy I did!  I don’t know what I’ll do when I run out of this stuff.  Check out Urban Lacquer on etsy.com, you won’t be disappointed!


Finally, a product I use no matter what color I polish my nails, Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops by Julep.  This stuff is amazing.  It does what it promises, helping my nails to dry within a couple of minutes, but it does so much more!  Ta Da! acts as a cuticle oil, moisturizing my skin perfectly with vitamin e, and the smell is lovely with hints of lavender and ylang ylang.  Using it couldn’t be more simple.  Apply 1-2 drops about one minute after you apply your last coat of polish and ta da!!!… you’re set.  This product is a gotta-have-it for me.  You can purchase Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops directly from Julep at julep.com.  I’d order a couple of bottles if I were you; you don’t want to be without it!


What are some of your favorites nail care products and polish makers?  Sound off below!


10 thoughts on “Polish File; featuring Llarowe, Urban Lacquer & Julep

  1. dianasadventures says:

    Lovely color Jennifer! This would have been perfect for Valentines day ❤
    Also, I've heard great things about Julep but never knew anyone who tried it before… since you tried it I might get it for my mom. hehe, she owns a nail shop (how stereotypical vietnamese) 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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