DIY: Kate Spade Glitter Earrings.


diY: Kate spade glitter earrings

imageKate Spade has created quite a stir with the release of these earrings.  Everyone is wanting to get their hands on them, especially the multi colored glitter option.  They’re sold out on every website I’ve looked at, and going for over $175.00 on eBay!  Crazy, and definitely not an amount I’m willing to spend on a pair of stud, glitter earrings.  I stopped in at my local Kate Spade store, located on Broughton Street in downtown Savannah, to see if they happened to have a pair, and while they didn’t have the glitter varieties, they did have nearly every other option available, and I fell for a beautiful pair in light turquoise.  They really are stunning and pair nicely with nearly everything I own.  Bonus: the box given to you with your earrings is adorable!  Now, moving on to what this post is all about, how to create your own version of these beauties!  The internet is swirling with tutorials.  It’s so simple and inexpensive!  The possibilities are endless when it comes to the number of designs you can create.  Let your imagination run wild!


  • Earrings!  I found mine at Wal*Mart and they seem to be what everyone else is purchasing as well.  They cost $2.88 each, and I was able to find some in clear, a pale blue/turquoise, and black.  I recommend purchasing clear if you’re not sure what you’d like to do in terms of color.
  • Clear nail polish!  You’re going to need a clear polish to act as your base and top coat.  This will prevent chips, seal the polish, and create a smooth, glossy finish.  This is very important when you’re using any kind of glitter polish.
  • Colored nail polish!  I am a polish junkie, and deciding on my colors was difficult.  I purchased four pairs of earrings to get me started and ultimately decided on gold, iridescent, pale blue/green topped with gold flecks, and of course, multi colored glitter.
  • PATIENCE!  This is the most important thing you’re going to need.  The entire process took me three days.  Why?  Because I’m a perfectionist.  I jumped the gun and wore the gold pair before I was happy with them and ended up adding more polish to them the next day.  You want to ensure you allow plenty of time for the polishes to dry, especially if you’re adding multiple layers like I did for the gold and multi colored pairs.


how to

Step 1:  Use clear polish to paint over the stone and establish your base coat.

Step 2:  Add the first layer of your color of choice.  Continue to layer the polish until the desired look is achieved, allowing each layer to completely dry before applying the next. I used gold as my undies color for the multi colored pair because I didn’t want any of the clear portion of the stone to show through.

Step 3:  Apply glitter polish, and again, allow each layer of polish time to dry completely before continuing.

Step 4:  Seal your color with a layer of clear polish.  I used two layers for the multi colored pair because I wanted them to have a completely smooth finish.

Step 5:  Admire your work and enjoy!  🙂




Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome of my earrings, and I love my colors!  I’ll definitely be purchasing more of these earrings from Wal*Mart soon and creating more.  I think the black pair will be really pretty topped with some navy blue flakie polish.  I hope you have as much fun creating yours as I did mine!  🙂

My polish choices

Multi colored pair:  Two coats of Galaxy by Jade Diamond topped with three coats of Ornamental My Dear Watson by Girly Bits.

Gold pair:  One coat of This Is It by Sinful Colors topped with one coat each of Galaxy by Jade Diamond, Adorned by Contrary Polish, and Glamorous by Wet ‘n Wild: Fergie.

Iridescent pair:  One coat of Cosmic Flakies by Revlon.  This is a gorgeous polish!

Pale blue/green pair:  Two coats of Adorned by Contrary Polish.  The earrings were the pale blue/green color when I purchased them.

You can purchase Sinful Colors, Revlon, and Wet ‘n Wild at Walgreens, CVS, Target, Wal*Mart, etc.  Girly Bits, Contrary Polish, and Jade can be purchased from one of my favorite suppliers, Llarowe at or directly from the polish makers themselves.


24 thoughts on “DIY: Kate Spade Glitter Earrings.

    • Jennifer Leigh G. says:

      Thank you so much, dimshum! I’m going to get some more earrings to paint on Monday (payday, woohoo!!!) and I’ll post the end results here or on Instagram (jennifer.leigh.g). This is part of my polish collection. I’m not very organized when it comes to storage, so I fill old beach bags with them and this is one of the four bags emptied. I haven’t taken a picture of all of my polishes together in quite a while, I’ll have to do that!

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