Polish File: Glitter Gal’s 10 to Midnight

Glitter Gal; 10 to Midnight 

Kiss Nail Dress; Bustier

By now you’ve probably noticed that I love nail polish.  One of my favorite polish makers is Glitter Gal, an incredible brand out of Australia, owned by Anna Szabo and Kerry Howell.  These two ladies have been friends for over two decades and grew tired of the corporate world, and so Glitter Gal was born.  The formula of these polishes is just wonderful, really one of the best that I’ve used, and dry time is fast.  They have a broad spectrum of colors to choose from, as well as finishes.  I’m in love with their holos, and that’s what I’m sharing with you in this post.

10 to Midnight is a gorgeous metallic gray with a lovely linear holo.  I love that it looks wonderful with just one coat and is light and suitable for work, but can be layered to create a stunning, night-out-on-the-town polish.  It pretty much looks like an evening rainbow; who wouldn’t love that?!  Formula wise, it’s perfect, like all of my Glitter Gal polishes.  There is no need for thick layering, and I didn’t get any patchy areas.

I used three coats to achieve the level of darkness I wanted, and topped my thumbs and ring fingers with some lovely stick-on art by Kiss in Bustier.  The end result looks classy and sophisticated, but the holo in this polish adds just the right amount of flair.
imageYou can purchase Glitter Gal directly from their site, http://glittergal.com.au, if you live in Australia, or from one of my favorite etailers, Llarowe at http://www.llarowe.com if you’re a buyer from another country.

Kiss products are available at many retailers, I purchased mine from Walgreens.


2 thoughts on “Polish File: Glitter Gal’s 10 to Midnight

    • Jennifer Leigh G. says:

      Thank you so much, Diana! The press ons are meant to be used over the entire nail, but I like to cut mine so they last longer and I can still see the polish I’m wearing. I really love the Bustier pattern because I feel like they can go over pretty much any color. 👍👍


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