Polish File: featuring Julep and Enchanted Polish.

It’s only late January and I’m already dreaming of spring.  Sun, flowers blooming, birds chirping, bright colors… you get the picture.  Now take a look at the picture below of Jennifer by Julep topped with J’adore by Enchanted Polish.  I’m a big fan of nail polish, and believe there’s no such thing as owning too many.  

Jennifer is a classic, beautiful and sophisticated nude pink.  I like to use it as my base coat for glitter bombs and holos.  It’s a polish you wear alone for a polished and timeless look, and then top it with your choice of glitter bombs or holos for a fun, sparkly, and festive look.  It’s a very soft pink, delicate, and versatile.  I love it.  Maybe I’m just a bit biased since it shares my first name, but really, you can’t go wrong with this shade, especially with the creme finish, smooth formula, and fast drying time.  You can find Jennifer at http://www.julep.com/jennifer-classic-with-a-twist.html for $14.00 per bottle, or $11.50 if you’re a Julep Maven.  Being a Maven definitely has major perks, and if you sign up now you’ll receive your first box completely FREE with the promo code BEMINE!  I’ve been a Maven for over two years and have never had a complaint.  Who can complain about receiving nail polish, makeup, and skin care in the mail every month for only $19.99?!  You can even skip months if you’re strapped for cash or switch your box for another if you’re not feeling the selections Julep made for you.  I’ve never switched my box, I receive the Bombshell box and love it.  

Now we move on to J’adore by Enchanted Polish, part of the Spring in Bloom Collection of 2013.  Enchanted Polishes sell out very quickly, but it’s always fun trying to get your hands on them.  J’adore is such a beauty.  A sheer, baby pink that delivers the goods.  The pink in this one shifts colors, I can notice a soft orange in some lighting, and a soft gray in others.  The holo effect is most noticeable in direct sunlight and is otherwise rather discreet.  I used one coat over Jennifer, but you’ll definitely need four coats if you’re wearing this one alone and want no visible nail lines.  You can find Enchanted Polishes at http://www.enchantedpolish.com/.



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