Oliver Bentleys Dog Biscuit Bites

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Randy and I went downtown today for some lunch at Angels BBQ (YUM!), and I noticed a locally owned shop I’ve been wanting to visit for quite a while, Oliver Bentleys, was open.  They specialize in biscuit bites for dogs that are made with all natural, organic, human grade ingredients.  

We were greeted by Abby, a lively and adorable Labrador Retriever, and the main man himself, Oliver Bentley (he’s the cutie pictured on the front of the bag).  After reading the ingredients, learning that they’re locally baked, and witnessing Abby go bonkers over them, I decided to purchase a small bag of the honey ginger bites for Sofie to enjoy.  I was pleasantly surprised by the price, only $4.95 including tax, and I really like that a portion of that goes to the Oliver Bentleys Bark Back Foundation.  This is such a wonderful program that’s dedicated to putting a stop to pet overpopulation and to supporting canine causes globally!  The small bag is bigger than expected and contains a large amount of biscuits, it will definitely last a while for Sofie.  

Eric, the founder of Oliver Bentleys wasn’t in the shop today.  He’s trying to get the word out in Jacksonville, Florida by doing demos at some of the locally owned shops and grocery stores there.  I hope that works out for him, because I think he’s got a great thing going and pet owners need to be more conscious of what they’re feeding their fur-babies.  I want mine to be around for many years to come, and I know one of the most important ways to help make that happen is feeding them healthy and nutrionally balanced foods.  

Sofie always seems to know when I’ve brought something home for her. Whether it’s some new toys, clothes or treats, she knows.  As soon as I started saying her name excitedly and told her I had something for her she was jumping up and down with her tail wagging and her eyes wide.  She doesn’t get as excited about food as she does for toys, so her enthusiasm diminished a bit when she saw it was only a bag that I pulled out of my purse.  She sniffed the bag and the excitement was back.  She, like most dogs, has a pretty good sniffer and must have been able to smell the sweet scent of honey through the bag.  The biscuits are contained in clear bag that’s separate from the re-sealable brown bag, and as soon as I opened it I could smell the honey and ginger.  They smell absolutely wonderful, and I even took a small bite of one before giving it to Sofie.  They not only smell wonderful, but they taste pretty good, too.  However, they’re not something I’m going to eat every day like Eric claims to (three every morning with his coffee).  Each biscuit is made by hand and stamped with a replica of Ollie B’s paw print, and the recess helps to promote healthy gums and teeth.  You can also purchase these in a smaller form called Biscuit Bites.  I would have opted for these for Sofie but they were sold out.  I think they would be a better option for her considering her size, but the whole biscuits are easy enough to break apart.


Now for the important part; did Sofie give them her seal of approval?  YES!  She absolutely loves them, and couldn’t stop licking her mouth afterwards.  These biscuits are a pretty good size, so one per day will be enough for her, and she didn’t have any trouble with chewing and breaking apart the biscuit on her own.  I don’t give my pets many treats per day, but one of these every day will definitely be allowed, and I won’t feel guilty about it since they’re packed with such high quality ingredients.  I highly recommend these to anyone who is looking for a healthy and delicious treat for their pet.  You really can’t go wrong!  

You can find Oliver Bentleys at Orvis stores nationwide and select Tail Spin and Whole Foods stores in the Southern region, and of course at their locally owned and operated store in downtown Savannah at 13 West York Street.  If you’re not closeby to any of these stores, you can purchase them online at http://www.oliverbentleys.com/default.asp and have them shipped to you!  The website even offers club memberships that vary by price depending on how many biscuits your pup eats every month.  I’m going to sign Sofie up for the 1/2 pound Biscuit Bite Club option.  They automatically ship a bag (or bags) of biscuits to your home every month and you’ll receive an appropriately sized glass biscuit jar with your first shipment!  Take a look at the 1/2 pound option below…


So so what do you think?  Are Oliver Bentleys Biscuits something you’ll purchase for your pet?  Let us know!  🙂

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