Hello Fresh: A (not-so) New Way to Get Cooking!

Hi friends! Happy April! It’s been a while since my last post, and I want to thank each of you who have continued to show me love during my absence. Nothing is wrong, in fact life is actually pretty amazing! My 30th birthday was April 1st (no joke!), we’ve had friends and family visiting quite a bit, and with the warmer weather (FINALLY!) gracing Chicago, my husband and I have been spending most of our time away from home. Life is peachy, and 2017 is shaping up to be an incredible year for my family. 😊

Speaking of 2017, how’s everyone doing with their resolutions? My only resolution this year was to eat healthier food and, most importantly to me, EAT AT HOME more often!!! Randy and I love going out, we spend too much money going out to eat, drink, and be merry. I mean, it’s great and all, but I’ve been really feeling the need to stay home and cook dinner for Randy and I, especially since we got married this past October. We both work hard, especially my husband with his long hours and physically-demanding career; cooking for him is one of the little ways I can show my appreciation for all of the hard work he puts in not just on the job, but also here at home and within our marriage. And after seven years of him cooking delicious meals for me, I figured it was about time for me to give him a break in the kitchen.

The only problem with me cooking more often at home was the fact that I would have to do something I absolutely hate more often: grocery shop. 😫 It’s not so much the store itself or the process of picking things out, it’s more that I don’t like spending so much time in a store in general, and I have a hard time picking only what I need for the two of us. I’ve wasted so much food in the past because I just didn’t know how much to buy! I’m very much like my father and his father in the sense that when I cook, I cook like I’m cooking for an army of 2,000 instead of a family of 2. And then there are leftovers that neither of us eats, and more dirty dishes to clean, and more time spent cleaning, and blah, blah, blah. It’s just an unnecessary mess brought on by me, myself, and I. 

So, what do I do? Well, I’m a subscription box addict, and I had heard of services like Blue Apron in the past, so I decided to give it a go. After reading many reviews and taking a look at recipes supplied by a few different companies, I decided to give Hello Fresh a chance to knock my socks off, and boy did they ever! We received our first box on March 17th, and seven boxes later I’m just as impressed as I was with the first. When you first open your box, you’ll see a welcome packet along with your recipe cards. 

Just below that, under a layer of insulation, are your labeled boxes of fresh, beautiful veggies, fruit, etc. 

And just below that, in yet another compartment complete with a huge ice pack that’s still completely frozen when we open our boxes, is your meat (assuming you’ve chosen the Classic Plan). 

Each recipe card is large, detailed, and easy to follow. You’re getting nearly everything you need in these boxes! However there are a few things they won’t supply you with, such as oil, butter, salt, and pepper. I’m okay with this because I prefer to cook with pure coconut oil as opposed to olive or vegetable oil, which is what all of the recipes we’ve received so far have called for. We have yet to have an issue with anything we’ve received. The packaging is wonderful and secure, and I love how everything is divided into labeled boxes that stack neatly in our fridge. 

All of the ingredients are already perfectly portioned for you, so there’s no guess-work involved. And sometimes they’ll send a little extra for you to keep for other recipes!… which they kindly mention on the recipe cards.

But now for the most important part; how do the meals taste? Simply put, they’re incredible! Randy and I have loved every single recipe we’ve tried so far, and that’s saying something because my husband is one of the pickiest eaters I know; he also tries to eat gluten-free as much as possible because he feels his best when he’s eating that way. I love that Hello Fresh allows me to choose from numerous different recipes (seven in all!) every week, and 3-4 of the options are gluten-free most of the time. We’ve tried things we normally wouldn’t think to try, some of our favorites being Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken over Risotto Primavera, Dukkah-Crusted Cod with Cranberry Couscous and Roasted Veggies, and (a huge hit!) Wasabi Lime Salmon over Soy-Simmered Rice with Baby Bok Choy. We’ve made a few of the meals a couple of times on our own, too!… like Chicken Under A Zucchini Blanket with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans. YUM!!! 😍 

Bottom line, Hello Fresh helps keep me out of the grocery store and at home with my husband, which is where I really want to be. And I love that they give me so many options to choose from!… we can choose to receive 3-5 meals per week, and even the day they’ll be delivered! In addiction to the seven recipes that are offered each week, we also get to decide what type of recipes they’ll be, like fit or quick meals, and even pork-free, beef-free, or chicken-free, and I can change those options at any time. They also offer boxes for vegetarians and those with larger families. 

How do you get started? I contacted Hello Fresh to inquire about current promotions, and they were nice enough to extend an offer of $40 off our first box, which is like getting 4 meals free! You can get the same great offer by using my referral code when you sign up: JennGrif9  Just visit Hello Fresh and use my code during checkout. Not only will you receive $40 off your first order (with zero obligation to stay subscribed), I’ll receive $20 off our next box!… so thank you in advance if you decide to give it a go! Another awesome feature Hello Fresh offers is you can skip deliveries as often as you like, without any fees, which is great if you’re going to be out of town and unable to eat at home, or if if you just need to take a break. 👌🏻

Let me know if you give Hello Fresh a try, or if there are any other meal delivery services you love and think I should to try. Happy cooking! 😊

TWO new skincare must-haves!  Pixi’s Glow-O2 Oxygen Mask, and Vitamin Wakeup Mist

Hello all, and happy Friday! I’ve mentioned before how much I love Pixi skincare products, I use the Pixi line almost exclusively, and now I find myself loving Pixi even more!

I was super excited to see new skincare products have been added to PixiBeauty.com. Two that really caught my attention are the Glow-O2 Oxygen Mask, and Vitamin Wakeup Mist; both have become must-haves for my skincare routine.

•Glow-O2 Oxygen Mask•

Oh boy! This mask is such a bubbling joy to use; literally! I get an instant brightening effect, softer skin, and a fresh, tingling sensation after use. It’s simple enough to use, too. Apply a thin layer to clean skin, watch it bubble and allow it to work its magic for 2-3 minutes, rinse, and you’re good to go. That’s it! Vitamins, oxygen complex, caffeine, ginseng, and antioxidants replenish skin, while probiotic lactococcus ferment lysate strengthens skin, and lactic acid detoxifies. 

Pixi recommends using this mask before a big event and/or makeup application, and I have to agree. My makeup looks quite a bit smoother, more even when I apply it after using Glow-O2. I use it 1-3 times per week.

Retail price: $24.00

•Vitamin Wakeup Mist•

I’m such a fan of mists, and I own all of the Pixi mists. Vitamin Wakeup Mist is by far one of my favorites; I’ve used nearly an entire bottle in less than a month. I love using it during my A.M. skincare routine, it truly helps to make my skin feel ready for the day. It’s described by Pixi as ‘Boosting Treatmemt Toner mist gives a revitalized awakened effect to complexion’. The orange blossom water base in combination with citrus-fruit extracts, lavendar, and arginine give this mist such a pleasant aroma that wakes up the senses. It’s refreshing, and cools on contact. It strengthens and tones, and adds a light burst of hydration to dry, tired skin. All around this is a fabulous addition to my skincare lineup! Love it!

Retail price: $15.00

What do you think of the new additions to the Pixi lineup? Have you had a chance to try any of them? Let me know what you think in the comments! 

Bones: The Final Season

I normally don’t share posts like this, but I can’t help myself. Are there any Bones fans out there? I’ve been both looking forward to and dreading tonight; the final season premiere is here. Can you believe it?! Bones is my absolute favorite television show. I can hardly wait to see new episodes, but I’m saddened to know this is the final season premiere we’ll see. Here’s to hoping the writers don’t let us down! 🍾

Thirty minutes to go! 😩

Play! by Sephora • December, 2016

The December Play! by Sephora box arrived a few days ago and, now that I’ve had a chance to try all the awesome goodies, I have to say this is my favorite Play! box yet. 

Let’s have a look at what subscribers received this month…

•Bobbi Brown – Smokey Eye Mascara: I really like this mascara. It separated my lashes perfectly, with zero clumps, and didn’t flake at all. The jet-black shade adds the perfect amount of drama to your look. Definitely give this gem a try.

•Urban Decay – All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray: I was super excited to give this one a try! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it, and those reviews are right; this stuff helps makeup stay put all day and well into the night. No touch ups needed. Awesome!

•Make Up For Ever – Step 1 Skin Equalizer Smoothing Primer: This is the only product out of December’s lineup that I feel kind of ‘meh’ about.  It does do a wonderful job of helping to minimize pores, but it also showcased any dry skin I had on my face, and that’s a major no-go for me. If dry skin isn’t an issue for you, I’m sure you’ll like this primer.

•Sephora Collection – Cream Lip Stain in Always Red: I’m normally a nudie lover when it comes to my lips, but with the holidays upon us, red lips have become a favorite. This red is what I consider a true red; it’s bright, bold, and cheery. However I had issues with it staying put for more than an hour or two, and I had to re-apply numerous times throughout the work day (and I wasn’t eating or drinking anything). Still, I received lots of compliments. For me, this will be a product I use when I don’t need extended wear coverage.

•Drybar – Detox Dry Shampoo: Oh dry shampoo, how I love you! I shampoo my hair as needed, about once every week or two, because my hair tends to be dry and anything more than that can wreak havoc on my locks. Dry shampoo helps keep my hair looking and smelling fresh; I begin using it around day 5 and as needed from there, which is usually every 2-3 days. I’m a huge fan of Dove’s dry shampoo, I haven’t purchased any other brand, ever. Drybar’s Detox Dry Shampoo smells great, and it didn’t leave behind white residue. It gave my hair an awesome ‘lift’ and revived my style. I may end up purchasing this once my Dove supply starts running low. Two thumbs up!

•Elizabeth and James – Nirvana Bourbon: I’m not much of a perfume-wearing person. My mom suffers with migraines when she’s exposed to strong scents, so I’ve always been pretty careful and considerate of those around me who may be scent sensitive. That being said, I do love Nirvana Bourbon. It’s described as a “provocative blend of sultry vanilla bourbon, oakwood, and a hint of tuberose for a bold, oriental-woody scent”. My husband, who hates when I wear perfume, complimented this one! That, combined with my love for it, make this one a winner.

I know a lot of people are still waiting to be taken off the wait list for Play! by Sephora, and the wait can be long. I heard a lot of spots are going to be made available soon, so keep trying! It’s well worth the wait. 🙂 On another note, here’s a couple of pictures to show you what my favorite product out of December’s box, Bobbi Brown’s Smokey Eye Mascara, can do for your lashes. A full list of products used will be posted below.

Products used…


Supergoop!: Daily Correct CC Cream

Elizabeth Mott: Show Me Your Cheeks blush in Peach Pink

Algenist: Reveal Concentrated Luminizing Drops in Pearl 

Kat Von D: Lock-it Setting Powder in Translucent 


Coastal Scents: Revealed 3 palette 

Coastal Scents: Style Eyes palette in Glamour Eyes

Kat Von D: Tattoo Liner in Trooper

Bobbi Brown: Smokey Eye Mascara in Black 


Neutrogena: Moisture Smooth color stick in Almond Nude

Dermaflash: A Skincare Must

I know, I know… it seems there’s a new beauty ‘must-have’ every time we turn around, and most of them fall short of meeting our expectations. But ladies and gents, I feel I’ve been introduced to one!… an actual skincare/beauty must-have! It’s called Dermaflash. 

Before I go any further, I want to tell you how I ended up owning this awesome device. I’m a member of Influenster. Influenster is an online community where you write reviews about pretty much everything; from skincare to makeup, movies to games, food to drinks, cleaning supplies, pet supplies… the list goes on and on. As an Influenster, you get the opportunity to participate in campaigns and receive what are called Voxboxes. Each Voxbox is different. Most times you’ll receive an email with a link to a survey that qualifies you for the Voxbox, and if they feel you’re a good fit for the campaign, you’ll receive another email to let you know. The campaign will show up on your profile under the ‘Campaign’ tab. Within that tab is where you’ll find all the details regarding the campaign and what they want you to do (things like posting a picture of the product to your Instagram or Facebook account, writing a review, etc.). I’ve been with Influenster for about 1 1/2 years and have received a lot of awesome products, including a multi-room humidifier from Honeywell, Slimfast products, full size products for my hair, makeup from Maybelline and Kat Von D., and numerous other awesome goodies. There is zero cost related to being part of the community, I’ve never paid a penny for anything. If you’re interested in joining, click HERE to get started. That being said, my review is my honest opinion about Dermaflash, it has not been influenced in any way by any person other than myself. Only 200 lucky Influensters received a Dermaflash Voxbox, and I’m thankful to be one of them. 

So, what is Dermaflash? It’s a skincare tool that uses subtle sonic vibration combined with a stainless steel Edge razor to remove dead skin cells, built up debris, and peach fuzz. It mimics what dermaplaning is known for. Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation that consists of using a scalpel to gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells, thereby revealing brighter, smoother skin. Dermaflash offers similar results for less money overall and from the comfort of your own home. The starter kit retails for around $200, you can find it in stores like Sephora and Macy’s. The kit comes with Step 1: Prep Cleanser, Step 2: Dermaflash, Step 3: Soothe Lotion, and 6 Edge razors (roughly a 6 week supply). Each Edge can be used only once!… be prepared for that. The device itself will not charge with an Edge in place, and once an Edge is removed, it cannot be clicked back into the device. Some say it’s a gimmick to get you to purchase more refills, Dermaflash says it’s because using the same razor more than once isn’t safe and is unhygienic. Once you see the amount of dead skin cells and built up debris this thing can remove, you’ll probably agree with Dermaflash.

I’ve used Dermaflash four times (including today). The first time I used it, I wasn’t sold. I’ve shaved my face for years with a regular razor and found that to be sufficient. However, with traditional shaving, I was left with occasional razor burn and ingrown hairs, especially along my neck and jaw bone. These things, as most of you know, are not only unsightly, they can be pretty painful, too, and take a while to heal and fade. With Dermaflash, I haven’t experienced any of these issues. WIN!!!

I’ve read some reviews where women saw a lot of crud coming off their face while using Dermaflash, I didn’t the first time I used it. I had allowed the peach fuzz to grow back in for about two weeks before giving it a try, but I exfoliate and cleanse my face religiously, so I thought maybe there just wasn’t any crud to be removed. Before using it again, I decided to skip exfoliating my face for the entire one and a half weeks, I used no treatments as I normally do. That, my friends, made the difference. I had quite a bit of dead skin and gunk built up on my face when I used Dermaflash the second time, and it did remove every bit of it, effortlessly and painlessly. However I’ll never allow my skin to get like that again. Exfoliation is life!

Edge blade before use

Edge blade after use

The only issue I encountered while using the system is the Soothe lotion didn’t play nice with my sensitive skin; it caused my skin to sting and turn bright red for hours after applying it. I skipped that part of the system the last two times I’ve used the device and haven’t had any issues with redness or other irritation.

So, do I think you should run out and purchase this system? Is it all it’s hyped up to be? I believe, if you have the money and want to purchase something nice for yourself, you absolutely should. I’ve noticed my skin stays softer longer, the peach fuzz seems to be less noticeable once it starts growing back, and I’ve had so many (we’re talking well over 30) people tell me how radiant and creamy my complexion is since starting this system, including my husband. And I haven’t changed anything else in my skincare routine. I give the system 5 out of 5 stars. 

P.S.  The following are some pictures I’ve taken for my IG account over the past few weeks since starting the Dermaflash system. They’ll give you an idea of what my skin looks like in different lighting.

From Miss to Mrs. 

I’m a day late, but happy Thanksgiving to you all!  😊

The last time I shared a post, I was getting ready to get married to my boyfriend of nearly seven years. We said “I do” in beautiful Savannah, Georgia on October 29th surrounded by the people who mean the most to us. It’s hard to believe, after over a year of planning, it’s finally done and we’re a married couple. Those of you who are married, you know how quickly the day flies by; it’s crazy! Those of you who are planning to marry, please listen to everyone who tells you to slow down and enjoy every single moment. I did, and I’m forever grateful for those moments.

Randy and I planned for an outdoor evening wedding in Forsyth Park, in front of the Forsyth fountain. Seating began at 8:00 while Lana Del Ray’s Once Upon A Dream, John Legens’s All of Me, and Avila’s version of All Shook Up played in the background. Our setup was simple… white chairs with lit lanterns lining the aisle, and three tables placed off to the side; one for food, one for champagne, and one for our wedding cake. Another table was placed towards the front of our setup and had our guest-globe sitting on it along with some pictures of us and candles. We didn’t want a traditional guestbook or the familiar canvas for people to sign. Since we both love to travel, a chalkboard style globe with permanent chalk markers was the perfect choice for us. Candles were everywhere, the lanterns were illuminated throughout the park, and the fountain was, too. The majority of our wedding party walked down the aisle to Moon River, an instrumental version by David Davidson. We had two of the most adorable flower girls you’ve ever seen!… they used black trick-or-treat buckets and threw black, white, blush pink, gold, and silver heart shaped confetti, our wedding colors, all of which I personally hole punched. That process turned out to be a great stress reliever! My nephew’s carries our rings, they were so nervous but did a fantastic job! Finally, it was time for my girls… my sister, niece, my best friend, and my now sister-in-law… to walk down the aisle. It took me months to find the song I wanted to walk to, I went back and forth quite a bit, first choosing At Last by Cyndi Lauper, then Once Upon A Dream by Lana Del Ray, and several others, none of them felt 100% right. Finally, while listening to songs on my iPhone, I found THE song. It’s a song that sums things up perfectly, and it brought me to tears. That song is You and I (Ain’t Nobody in the World) by John Legend. Words can’t express how much I love this song. My girls walked first, I followed shortly after. I met my father halfway down the aisle, that was such a special moment for me. He walked with me the remainder of the way and, after lifting my veil and giving me a kiss, gave my hand to Randy while whispering to him “You’re a lucky man”, to which Randy replied, with a smile, “I know”. Our officiant was amazing, she was such a joy! She allowed me to write the entire ceremony, which was important to me, and added in a few pieces of her own to bring it all together perfectly. I’m going to have our vows printed and framed, and hang them in our bedroom. After we were pronounced husband and wife, we all exited to Let It Be Me by Rod Stewart and Jennifer Hudson. It was then that all the emotions hit me at once, we were married!… the wedding was done. We enjoyed the food, the champagne, and the cake afterwards. Several people made speeches; my father, sister, father-in-law, and Randy’s best man. Everything was absolute perfection, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. We enjoyed a night out on the town afterwards. Oktoberfest and Nightmare on Congress Street were taking place, everyone was dressed up and having a great time. People were stopping us for pictures and congratulating us all night. Our first stop was where it all began, where we first met, The Rail Pub. It was an evening to remember, one I’ll never forget. ❤️

JORD Wood Watches: the perfect accessory.  Enter to WIN!!!

I’m not one to wear a watch. I always have my phone with me and that’s what I use when I need to know the time. When I was contacted by JORD and offered a piece from their stunning collection in exchange for an honest review, I was hesitant. Would I wear it enough to be able to provide you all with a review? I wasn’t sure. But after taking a look at their website and spotting the stunner I later chose to receive, I knew I had to give it a try. I said yes.

Fast forward a week or so and that stunner was waiting for me on my doorstep. When I opened the box, I was blown away by the impeccable craftsmanship and utter beauty sitting before me. I was immediately happy with my decision to give this watch a try.  

There are many styles and color combinations to choose from when you visit JORD, but the Cora model with Purpleheart wood and opalescent Mother of Pearl face combo I chose is by far my favorite. Purpleheart is such a rarity, it practically glows, and the opalescent Mother of Pearl offers a striking contrast to the dark, rich wood. Add to the mix the lovely (and super sparkly!) Swarovski crystal markers and you have one heck of a statement piece around your wrist! This watch transitions nicely from season to season, too; a huge plus making it well worth the money.

Aside from how beautiful it is, it’s also practical (another plus!). There’s no battery to worry yourself with, it’s splash-proof, and easy to care for with a bit of lemon or orange oil. The sapphire crystal glass face holds up nicely to daily wear. I’ve been wearing it daily for over a month and there are zero scratches!  When you purchase a watch from JORD, they’ll size it for you before shipping it to you which is another nice perk, and their customer service team is a dream to work with. When I received mine and it was sized incorrectly (too big), they immediately offered to cover the cost of having it resized.

When you decide JORD is right for you, click HERE to enter to win a $75 voucher. This voucher may be used towards the purchase of any watch that strikes your fancy. All you need to enter is a first name and an email address; that’s it! The contest ends September 25th, so move quickly! Not the lucky winner? No worries, everyone who enters will automatically receive a $20 voucher to use towards any purchase, courtesy of JORD and yours truly. Enjoy!  😊

Mens Wooden Watches

Kat Von D Voxbox Review (Lock-It Revolution)

Hello all! Things have been crazy busy lately with work and wedding planning; only 52 days to go until the big day! I haven’t had the time to post like I used to, but that will change once the wedding is over. I hope you’ve all been well and enjoying life.

I’ve come out of hiding to share my latest Voxbox, courtesy of Influenster, with you all. I was super excited to find out I’d be one of the lucky people getting this box. I’ve never used any products by Kat Von D but have heard excellent things. The box arrived over a month ago, I’ve been using the products nearly everyday since receiving them and the following is what I think of the products.

Lock-It Concealer Creme isn’t something I would purchase for myself. I haven’t used concealer since I was in my mid-teens. That being said, it has ended up being awesome to receive not one but two of these concealers; I can hardly believe how much I like them! They’re super easy to blend, they wear well for HOURS, and they didn’t cause my dry skin to look any more dry. They’re perfect for brightening under the eyes, but just okay for covering any blemishes. When I do get a blemish, I cover it with my old tried-and-true powder by Physician’s Formula, I love that stuff. The Lock-It Concealer Creme does offer good coverage, but not as much as I’d like to have out of a concealer. I received the shades L3 Warm and L5 Neutral; both are perfect for my skin tone.

Lock-It Setting Powder is more up my alley. The light-weight formula blends easily and stays put until I wash it off. It works well with my dry, sensitive skin. There are no issues with caking. And it helps keep shine down to a minimum, even after working and running around for 12+ hours! WIN! The shade I received is Translucent.

The Lock-It Powder Brush and Lock-It Concealer Brush are amazing! They’re both light-weight and feel great in the hand, and they’re SUPER soft. They apply the products evenly and without much work on my part. They both seem to be holding up very well, too. I don’t use brushes often, but I’ve definitely grown attached to these. Some brushes leave my skin feeling itchy but that’s not an issue with these at all. A+!

Overall I’m very happy with all of the Kat Von D products I received. I’m happy I got to try her line and I’ll definitely be making purchases in the future. Have you tried any products from her lineup? What do you think of them? Let me know if there are any I need to try! 

Ouidad: The answer to my hair care prayers 

I’m so excited to share the following hair care products with you all. As someone with long, thick, wavy/curly, coarse hair, it can be difficult to find products that help tame my mane. Really difficult. I’ve tried so many different brands, wasted a lot of money, and I’ve always felt something was missing. I recently subscribed to Sephora Play! (review coming soon!) and received an email from them offering free hair care products with any hair care purchase. I was in the market for some newbies to try, so I jumped on it. I purchased three Ouidad products; a cleansing oil, daily conditioner/styling primer, and a curl defining styling soufflé. Read on for details!

Ouidad Ultra-Nourishing Cleansing Oil: Curls’ unique anatomy prevents natural scalp oils from traveling all the way down the hair strand. This lack of natural hydration, along with aggressive shampooing, depletes curls of the natural oils they need for optimal formation. Curls require gentle cleansing and replenishment of high absorbency oils. Enter the Ultra-Nourishing Cleansing Oil by Ouidad. It mimics hair’s natural oils to hydrate curls while gently removing dirt and build-up.

Why I love it: My hair is left incredibly soft and shiny after using this oil. Think bouncy curls that are well defined and frizz-free. And the scent it leaves behind is wonderful and lasts for days! LOVE this stuff!

Ouidad Curl Recovery Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner & Styling Primer: Whipped Curls is a thick, dense daily conditioner that’s so luxurious it delights at first touch. Its rich, sensorial texture glides on hair and envelopes curls in deeply hydrating nutrients to elevate the moisture factor within the hair cuticle. The triple Olive Oil blend combined with Shea Butter and Glycerin deeply moisturize, nourish, and strengthen curls while smoothing frizz and enhancing shine. As a “styling primer,” its lavish, silky formula creates the perfect canvas by re-establishing your natural curl pattern for easy styling with any gel or cream. Green Tea Extract provides antioxidant and environmental protection to maintain luscious, healthy-looking, head-turning curls all day long. This dual-purpose formula is great for all curls, especially those experiencing dryness, frizz, and breakage.

Why I love it: It’s like working with whipped cream! And curls are left so touchably-soft after using it. You can use this daily as a conditioner to soften and restore curls. But it can also be used as a hair primer after shampooing for a hydrating boost and all-day moisture protection. As a daily conditioner, apply it after shampooing and allow it to sit for 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. As a primer, apply to damp hair, comb through, and style as usual. 

Ouidad Curl Recovery Curl Defining Styling Soufflé: This is a cream styler that transforms dehydrated and damaged curls into soft, healthy-looking, head-turning spirals. The proprietary CR-4 Repair Complex, including nutrient-rich Mafura Butter and Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, envelopes the hair shaft with a cushion-like coating of concentrated fatty acids vital to rebuilding, nourishing, and protecting hair. Natural emollient oils from Avocado, Radish, Coconut, and Meadowfoam replenish moisture for superior hydration and definition, reduced frizz, and healthy shine. Cuticle smoothing polymer holds style and conditions all day. 

Why I love it: I feel like this is what completes the curl-loving trio. It seems to completely seal in all the goodness and offer long-term results. And, I don’t want to continue repeating myself but, my hair is truly left with the most amazing shine and softness.

So, why should you give these a try? If your hair is curly or wavy, thick or coarse, frizzy or damaged, lacking shine or softness, these products are for you. They’re available at Sephora, and yes, they’re a bit pricey (in my opinion), but you truly do get what you pay for when it comes to these, and even with my waist-length crazy thick hair, it doesn’t take a whole lot of product to achieve amazing results. They’re simply the best hair care products I’ve ever used and are worth every penny. I color my hair frequently and used the straightening iron more than I should have when I was obsessed with having straight hair. I did a lot of damage, I’m surprised my hair didn’t just break off at some point. But it held on (thankfully!) and I feel like I’m finally taking proper care of it with Ouidad.

You can find these particular products by clicking on the links provided below. If you decide to give them a try, let me know what you think! 😊

Ultra-Nourishing Cleansing Oil: CLICK HERE

Curl Recovery Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner & Styling Primer: CLICK HERE

Ouidad Curl Recovery Curl Defining Styling Soufflé: CLICK HERE

Pixi: Skincare Review

Let’s talk skincare. I’ve done quite a few reviews in the past for skincare products I love and can’t go without. And subscriptions like Ipsy, Birchbox, Boxycharm, Sephora Play!, and countless others make it easier than ever for us to give different brands a try. I love mixing up my routine, however lately I’ve found myself wanting a more stable routine when it comes to my skincare. I’ve been a loyal user of Aubrey Organics for years. Even with all the mixing things up bit, I still used Aubrey products in conjunction with the samples I’d try. I was happy to go back to using Aubrey exclusively, but  I started hearing about how wonderful Pixi’s Glow Tonic is and, naturally, I had to give it a try.

I went to Target, purchased a bottle of Glow Tonic, and used it that night. I’ll be honest, as I always am when it comes to my reviews, I didn’t notice a huge difference right away as some people did. It was just an ‘okay’ tonic. Fast forward about a week or so to when I should have been getting a bit of a breakout (it was my time of the month), I never did. A few days after that, and after using the tonic morning and night, I started noticing my skin appeared brighter and more even, and my pores appeared to be shrinking in size. Woohoo! The only thing I changed, consistently, in my routine was adding the Glow Tonic to my lineup. I decided, since I was in need of more Aubrey products anyway, to go ahead and make the leap to an exclusive Pixi-only routine. I ordered the products directly from Pixi while they were having a pretty decent sale, and a few others from Target because Pixi was out of stock. I waited until I received all of the products I had ordered to make the big switch. 

The following is a list of the products I ordered and use.

Cleansers: Nourishing Cleansing Balm, Moisturizing Cleansing Cloths, and Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths

Tonic: Glow Tonic

Serum: Hydrating Milky Serum

Facial Oil: Rose Oil Blend

Mists: Hydrating Milky Mist, and Makeup Fixing Mist

Moisturizers: H2O Skindrink, and Beauty Sleep Cream

Masks: Nourishing Sleep Mask, and Glow Mud Mask

Other treatments: Glow Peel Pads, 24k Eye Elixer, and Nourishing Lip Polish

I have a morning and evening skincare routine that I follow religiously, and I use a few of the products intermittently throughout the week. I feel I’ve found the perfect products for my skin. My skin has absolutely never looked or felt better than it does now. When I go out without makeup on, I get compliments about my skin every single time. People, women and men, ask what I’m using, what I do, etc. It’s flattering to say the least and I don’t blame them for asking. 😉 My fiancé even asked what I’m doing differently! He also asked if I’m pregnant… 😑 … but that’s only because of how much my skin is glowing these days, so I let that slide. I’d also like to add I’ve had zero issues with sensitivity, which is something I have to be mindful of. Bottom line, my skin has never looked THIS amazing. So, would I recommend the products? Absolutely! 

I feel both my morning and evening routines are fairly simple. I make sure to wake up early enough to have time to care for myself. That means eating breakfast and taking my vitamins, showering, brushing my teeth, and using my skincare products. My morning skincare routine consists of cleansing, toning, using a bit of serum, moisturizing, and prepping my skin for makeup if I’m going to wear any that day. My evening routine is similar, with an extra step or two added to the lineup depending on whether I use any of the masks or treatments.

Morning Routine

Step 1: Cleanse with one of the Moisturizing Cleansing Cloths

Step 2: Apply Glow Tonic and allow it to fully dry before continuing to step 3

Step 3: Apply 3-4 drops of Hydrating Milky Serum (I skip this step occasionally if my skin doesn’t feel it needs the extra moisture)

Step 4: Apply 2-3 pumps of H2O Skindrink

Step 5: Apply 24k Eye Elixer

Step 6: Spritz face with Makeup Fixing Mist (if needed)

Evening Routine

Note: If I’m wearing a lot of makeup or just feel I need the extra cleanse, I’ll use one of the Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths before using my usual evening cleanser, the Nourishing Cleansing Balm.

Step 1: Cleanse with Nourishing Cleansing Balm (your skin will feel like, well, the softest thing you’ve ever touched after you use this product!)

Step 2: Apply Glow Tonic, allow to dry before continuing to step 3

Step 3: Apply 2-4 drops of Rose Oil Blend to face and neck*

*I use this oil in the evening, and the Hydrating Milky Serum during the day. I feel this one is a bit heavier, which I would prefer to use before going to bed and not before applying makeup.

Step 4: Spritz face and neck with Hydrating Milky Mist and allow to dry before continuing to step 5

Step 5: Apply 3 pumps of Beauty Sleep Cream to face and neck

Step 6: Apply 24k Eye Elixer

Step 7: Apply Nourishing Lip Polish (see below for a little note about this product)


Glow Peel Pads: I use these little miracle workers when my skin needs an extra boost. They exfoliate well, make skin glow like crazy, and are surprisingly gentle on my sensitive skin. You may notice a tingling sensation after you rinse the treatment away, it’s normal and will disappear within a few minutes. 

Nourishing Sleep Mask: When skin needs an extra dose of moisture, this is the mask to use. Apply it before you go to bed and wake up to softer, smoother skin. My skin leans dry most of the time, but I actually find myself not needing to use this mask very often because of how well every other product moisturizes! 

Glow Mud Mask: You have probably heard quite a few people rave about this one. It’s the one that pulls all the gunk from deep within your pores to the surface. It works very well, but I didn’t notice the dramatic result I feel everyone else has. I will say I feel those who have seen the most dramatic results have oily or oily combination skin. Still, this is an easy mud mask to remove, and it doesn’t make my skin feel tight or irritated after use. 


You don’t have to use all of the products I use. Maybe you can’t be bothered with using so many of them, I’m sure you will benefit from using only a few of them at a time. Experiment and find what works best for you! Also, Pixi makes products that are specific to what skin type you have. If you have oily or combo skin, you may benefit from using one of the other products they offer. The products above are what work for me and my dry, sensitive skin. 

A cool little feature on the Nourishing Lip Polish tube is the applicator tip. It has numerous small bristle-like pieces of plastic sticking up from where the polish is dispensed, you can use them to massage the polish onto your lips and exfoliate. This stuff stays on my lips all night and truly does a great job of moisturizing them. Love it!

The roller ball tip of the eye elixer is cool to the touch, helping to soothe puffy, stressed skin.

Both the Hydrating Milky Mist and the Makeup Fixing Mist do a superb job of prolonging makeup wear. I was thoroughly impressed! After 9+ hours of working in a non-air conditioned warehouse and sweating my tookus off, my makeup was in perfect condition. No touch-ups needed. 

Before you head to Target to purchase any of these products, be sure to check out the Pixi website first for promo offers. You can save quite a bit of money that way, depending on how much you’re going to spend.

Once you’ve started using your Pixi products, or if you’re already a loyal fan, let me know! What do you think of them? Which is your favorite product to use? Sound off in the comments! 😊